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7 Surprising Ways To Use Vicks Vaporub You Didn’t Know Yet

Vicks vaporub has been a household remedy for many years now. It has helped a lot when it comes to relieving cough, cold, stuffy nose and even chest pain. Aside from this, here are 7 amazing home or outdoor remedies using Vicks Vaporub.

Relieves you from headache
Headache is indeed a headache! Everybody hates that throbbing and beating in our heads. To get an instant relief from this, simply rub a small amount of Vicks on both of your temples, gently massaging them in circular motion. If you are suffering from headache caused by sinusitis, try putting a really small amount of the ointment just below your nose. But be careful to just put a small amount because it may cause you to get irritated with the “hot-cold” sensation it can give.

Soothes tired and aching muscles
after a tiresome day’s work, one can find himself complaining about back pains or muscle pains. Rubbing those aching areas with Vicks Vaporub can help soothe and relax those muscles. You can personally massage yourself or ask somebody to do this for you. The “hot-cold” sensation and the menthol aroma of the ointment can even help you relax your tire muscles.

Helps in eliminating toe or toenail fungus
Aside from using it as a pain reliever, did you know that you can also use Vicks as an anti-fungal agent? Put some amount of the ointment on the infected area for around 2 to 3 times a day. Results can be seen after a few weeks or so, depending on the severity of your toes’ infection.

Helps you heal your cracked heels
Since we’re talking about feet, another remedy that we can get from Vicks Vaporub is to healing cracked heels. Make sure your entire feet are clean, especially the heel area. Put some ointment on your cracked heels then wear clean white socks, before you go to sleep. The morning after, rinse your heels with warm water while gently rubbing them with pumice stone. After a few days or weeks, you can see that the cracks have gradually disappeared. Continue this process until all cracks are healed.

Keeps the bugs away
The essence of Vicks Vaporub is strong, it irritates and scares away bugs. This can be very helpful especially in areas or countries that are suffering from the dangers of dengue because of mosquito bites. Simply apply light amounts of the ointment to your exposed areas and clothes to scare away the insects. When it comes to insect bites, simply rub ointment on the area to relieve the itchiness and irritation.

Helps soothe earache
This case may be care, but some people suffer from this throbbing sensation in the ear. It is believed that this is a symptom of ear infection. As relief for the pain, simply rub a small amount of Vicks to a cotton ball and place it inside the ear. Let the cotton ball stay overnight or until the pain subsides.

Helps heal bruises and minor cuts
if you have minor bruises and cuts, Vicks can be used as an alternative remedy. Apply a thin layer of the ointment to the small cut or bruise. But remember to be careful in applying ointment on open cuts and wounds.

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