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Best Recipe Designed to Deflate the Belly

The Best Recipe

The Best Recipe Designed to Deflate the Belly

Just follow the instructions in this recipe and you will see that in a few days you will manage to deflate your belly and lose weight without complications, all in a natural way.

Ingredients :

2 liters of water
1 lemon
1 cucumber
1 stalk of mint
1 ginger

Preparation :

Wash all ingredients well in cold water.
Cut the cucumber, lemon and ginger into small pieces or slices.
Boil the water.
When the water is ready, put it in a container, adding also the mint and the other ingredients.
Cover the mixture and let it cool.
When the mixture is at room temperature, put it in the refrigerator.
Eliminate the fat accumulated in your body by drinking a glass of this drink before breakfast, and another before each meal of the day, including dinner.
This drink has endless depurative properties that will help speed up your body’s metabolism and burn calories in a surprising way.

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