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Soup Diet Recipe

Soup Diet

Soup Diet: A Recipe for Losing Weight at Full Speed

Whether chilled or hot, soup can be an irresistible balanced meal in any season. The virtues of a good soup are above all due to its composition, which can vary infinitely, according to tastes and desires. In this article, discover a fat-burning soup recipe to consume without moderation to keep the line, with pleasure!

Ingredients :

The equivalent of a cup of vegetables such as celery, yellow or red peppers, onions or green beans.
A cup of mixed green leafy vegetables like spinach, chard or kale.
Half a cup of assorted root vegetables like carrots, beets.
Half a teaspoon of a mixture of garlic paste and minced ginger.
Between 2 and 4 teaspoons of spices: turmeric, coriander, cloves, black pepper, cinnamon, cumin.
Between 1 and 2 cups of a homemade vegetable broth prepared beforehand.
Salt to bring out the flavors
A cup of water
Optional: You can also add half a cup of red beans, if you like.

Preparation :

Start by steaming the root vegetables first, so that they are better incorporated into the soup later on.
Get a large saucepan and pour in your spice mix. Let everything simmer over low heat until a pleasant scent begins to emerge.
Chop the assortment of green leafy vegetables then add them to the pan, mix them with the spices.
Pour in a cup of your vegetable broth and let everything simmer quietly for 15 to 20 minutes, having taken care to put the lid on the pan.
Once the vegetables begin to turn translucent, you add what is left of the broth and the other vegetables. Now cook for ten minutes.
Now you need to pour the last part of the ingredients into the pan, namely the root vegetables that you had steamed separately. Don’t forget, however, to add a little water to the mixture right after. The amount of water you put in depends on the degree of consistency you want to achieve. Let it simmer for another 5 minutes and you’re done!

What is the Soup Diet?

Born in an American hospital, the soup diet was (originally) offered to obese patients before their surgery.

Soup diet, kezako? The soup diet is above all a hypocaloric diet, that is to say that one restricts the number of calories consumed per day in order to “force” the body to draw on its fat reserves. The soup diet thus offers 7 days at around 800 Kcal.

As its name suggests, the soup diet is based on daily consumption of vegetable soups, at every meal except breakfast. We gradually combine lean meats (chicken, turkey, veal, etc.), fruits and vegetables (seasonal and fat-free: no butter, no whipped cream) and lean fish (cod, hake, monkfish, etc.) .

In total, the soup diet lasts 7 days. The promise ? A dazzling weight loss of – 5 kilos in just one week!

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