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No-Bake Dessert Recipe

No-Bake Dessert

The no bake dessert recipe is the most beloved dessert here at home. In addition to being extremely delicious, it is perfect to be served after lunch or dinner. Follow the steps and prepare this delicacy which is a delight from start to finish! At home, you can’t miss a dessert, everyone goes crazy for this recipe. This quick and easy recipe creates a tasty dessert in no time. When I don’t feel like cooking, everyone flatters me. I love getting compliments after making it! Let’s go!

How to make The no-bake dessert recipe!

Ingredients :

10 tablespoons powdered milk
1 sachet of Tang sugar with passion fruit flavor
200ml very cold water

Preparation :

In a blender, put the very cold water, the passion fruit sugar and mix well to homogenize.
With the mixer running, add the powdered milk little by little,
beating well after each addition until you obtain a creamy and consistent mixture.
Pour the mixture into cups or a baking dish, as you prefer, and put it in the fridge for 2 hours.
Take it out of the fridge and serve this spectacular dessert!

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