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Yummy biscuits Recipe

The BEST biscuit recipe! These homemade biscuits are full of flaky layers and perfect for slathering with butter and honey.

We just can’t get enough of these biscuits! As I’ve been testing this recipe, my family has been enjoying batch after batch of these homemade biscuits. Now that I’ve perfected the recipe, we’ll be making them even more often. These biscuits are just too good!

This biscuit recipe makes the very best biscuits. They are fluffy, soft and tender, with lots of flaky layers. The tops brown nicely in the oven, and the bottoms become deliciously crispy. They are delicious as is, and even better when you spread them with butter and a drizzle of honey.

3 x 500g stock to bake
1 packet cream of tatar
8x Eggs
1 tsp lemon essence
2 cups icing sugar
16 cups flour
16 tsp baking powder

Mix rama,eggs with lemon essence, cream of tatar, icing sugar together

Then put flour and baking powder and mix it together until it makes a round ball

Credit: Khethiwe Marcia

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