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Tip For Perfect Pancakes

Perfect Pancakes

The Magic Tip For Perfect Pancakes

Ah the pancakes… whether you are young or old, everyone loves them! Sweet or salty, they can be eaten as a dish, for dessert or even as a snack. Easy to prepare, we sometimes miss them completely. So, how to make homemade pancakes without lumps, not too thin nor too thick and well flavored?

Which ingredient to improve your pancake recipe?

There is an unsuspected ingredient that can be very useful in the kitchen. It is a particular drink which, in addition to being excellent for health, offers many advantages in cooking such as lightening certain dishes.

Sparkling water as an ingredient to obtain light and airy pancakes
Sparkling water can be used in the kitchen to prepare many recipes for pastries, doughnuts, cake batter or pancake batter. This sparkling water has the particularity of making the pancakes light and airy. To do this, simply replace half the amount of milk in your recipe with sparkling water. The secret? Carbon dioxide bubbles are created and fixed by the flour, making the batter particularly light.

Note that this sparkling water can also replace salt. With the sodium bicarbonate it contains, this drink is naturally salty which can give you the possibility to reduce the amount of salt to your liking.

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