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Puppy Cupcakes Recipe

What’s the Project? These puppy cupcakes are easy to make and perfect for a kid’s birthday party! Decorate each cute little puppy dog cupcake with candy, cute eyes, and fun frosting and you’ve got a perfect treat to make the birthday kid smile!

My freckle-faced, squishy cheeked baby turned 6 last week, in spite of me insisting he stop growing up. Time is slipping through my fingers and there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do to slow it down. Sometimes it’s hard to make time to enjoy the little moments with him because his older brothers have me so busy running them to practices, overseeing their homework, and picking up their stinky socks. I don’t want to miss the little, sweet moments of his childhood!

I don’t want to miss the little, sweet moments of my youngest’s childhood, but with his birthday coming up I realized he had missed a special moment of childhood!

When my older kids were little, I used to make them really cool, fancy cakes. Whatever they could dream up, I would make it! I did a tiger, I did Elmo, I did a spaceship and a whole mountain with a train driving on it. (Not professional by any means, but my kids loved them.) But with my littlest, I feel like I sometimes take the easier route because, you know, after 14 years of birthdays, I am tired.

When that cute freckled face looked up and me and told me he wanted a puppy party for his birthday this year, I knew I needed to create a least a little bit of magic. These simple puppy cupcakes impressed him (and his friends), but they were easy for me to create!


3 sticks of butter

4 –6 C powdered sugar

1/4 C milk


Mix these ingredients together until smooth.

Test that and see how the consistency is. If it’s too thick, add a little milk, too runny, add a little powdered sugar.

Then, for peanut butter add 1 C peanut butter.

For chocolate add about 1/2 C cocoa powde

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