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Keep your Parsley Fresh for a Month

Keep your Parsley Fresh for a Month

Keep your Parsley Fresh for a Month: the Chefs Method

As with the previous method, start by thoroughly washing and drying the parsley. Then chop it finely and place it in a bowl.

Once your bowl is full of chopped parsley, pour everything into a glass jar with an airtight seal. You can then store it in a cool, dry place – there is no need to place it in the refrigerator.

There is a variation of the bowl method which involves cutting the lower part of the stems to a height of about 12mm. Then place the parsley sprigs in a glass bowl 3/4 full of water. To store the parsley in this configuration, wrap a plastic bag around the bowl and secure it with a rubber band. This method keeps the leaves moist without drying them out.

Parsley, with its freshness and health benefits, is an essential ingredient in the kitchen. However, its conservation can be a challenge. Thanks to these different methods, including the remarkable bowl method, you can now enjoy your fresh parsley for longer. Feel free to try these tricks and find out which one best suits your needs.

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