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Easy Tunisian Soup

Tunisian Soup

Easy Tunisian Soup (Chorba) Recipe

A creamy and fragrant Tunisian soup (chorba) to warm up the cool autumn evenings, very delicious to make quickly.

Ingredients :

2 lamb chops
2 stalks of celery
2 handfuls of small pasta
1 handful of chickpeas (soaked the day before)
1 clove(s) of garlic
2 tablespoon(s) concentrated tomato sauce
1 tablespoon(s) of olive oil
1 pinch sweet or hot pepper
4 spices
Some water
1 pinch Pepper
1 pinch Salt

Preparation :

Cut the chops into small pieces. Crush the garlic clove. Heat a pot with a little olive oil, add the garlic, the meat, the spices, the tomato sauce. Mix and cover with about 1.5 l of water.
Rinse and cut the celery into small pieces and put it in the pan. Optional: Add the chickpeas. Cook for about 40-45 minutes over medium heat, watching and adding water if necessary.
After 45 minutes, the soup is almost ready. All that’s missing is the small pasta: vermicelli, oats, lead, letters, pasta shells… Leave to cook for the time needed for the pasta (add water because the pasta will absorb it).
When the pasta is cooked, serve with a squeeze of lemon! Enjoy your food !

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