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Another chili recipe

What you will need:
1.5 lbs ground extra lean ground beef (ground turkey works too)
1 – 540 ml (19oz) can Black Beans
1 – 540 ml (19oz) can Red Kidney Beans
1 – 156 ml (5.5oz) can tomato paste
1 – 796 ml (28oz) diced tomatoes
1 – 227 ml (7.5oz) can sliced water chestnut
2 stalks celery
1 lg onion diced or cut in half length wise and sliced
Diced green and red pepper (you decide how much)
1 – 2 jalapeno peppers sliced
Sliced mushrooms (your choice, I used cremini)
6 cloves minced
Chili seasoning to taste

How to Make It:
-In a large pot brown ground beef or turkey (drain any fat), add onion, celery and continue to cook on medium heat for about 10 mins, then add the rest of the ingredients except the tomato paste. Continue to cook on low heat until done. Once everything is cooked add the tomato paste.

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