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Uncle John’s Perfectly Prepared Prime Rib Roast

Ingredients /

2-3 Rib prime rib roast

Bottle of granulated garlic

Bottle of Schilling Montreal seasoning

olive oil

Heavy Duty aluminum foil

Meat Thermometer

roast rack

Instructions /

Making Prime Rib at home is so easy, just do it.

Remove roast from package, rinse, pat dry.

Place on aluminum foil

Liberally coat with olive oil

Turn roast so bottom is up and begin sprinkling granulated garlic on bottom then sides and top.

Rub garlic in well.

Pour more oil over roast, work in with garlic.

Heavily sprinkle Montreal seasoning on all sides of the roast. You can see the amount is very liberal and once it is sprinkled on pack it down.

Push meat thermometer into middle of the roast, just past the middle closer to the bone.

Wrap foil around the roast allowing thermometer to show. Place on rack so it is easy to take from the oven or off the grill.

This was cooked on the closed bbq grill over indirect heat about 2 hours at about 350 degrees and removed when the meat temperature read 125F.

It should be allowed to set (rest) for about 20 minutes in the wrapped foil. Watch for the temperature to 140-145 just over rare to medium rare

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